Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sometimes You Just Need A Little Help

This last week I was reminded that there are some times in life when you just need some help.  I undertook this move to Lynchburg and I was woefully unprepared for how much work it would  be to move myself.  The last few times I have moved, I had the help of professional movers, so I got by with way less work than this move entailed.  It was a bittersweet move, so I procrastinated as long as I could before I really started to get my tail in gear and get ready.

Here is the fun part:  There is no way that I could have pulled off this move with just my father and myself.  It was simply too much work.  God stepped in and sent two incredible sets of friends to come all the way from Atlanta to Lynchburg (16 hours round trip) to help make this move possible.  This is what that tells me:  when God calls you to do something, He WILL make it happen.  Even though I was somewhat overwhelmed by the life change that I am experiencing, God told me again that this was the next season for me.

I am not one to really expect or even always receive help from other people. I was literally overwhelmed that people would take the time and expense to follow me up here to help me.  I will be eternally grateful for that help.  I want to make them all proud that they played a small part in helping me get to the point and someday, I hope they will see the fruits of that.

Last night, we had a reception for the incoming law students (1L's).  Dean Matthew Staver spoke, covering the gamut from Paul Ryan to the American Revolution vs. the French Revolution and a number of other fascinating topics.  I loved every minute of it.  This is my kind of stuff.  But he also challenged us with not allowing ourselves to underestimate God.  He said that we tend to set our goals and they often sell God short because we are so limited in our ability to envision what God can do.  When we step out in faith (which in many ways is what this feels like to me), God will reward that ( and he already has in the VERY early stages of this season). He also stated that our ability to hear God can be hindered by not following the call God has placed on our lives.  This hit me pretty hard.  Often, when we hear a call from God, Satan will begin to bring many other things into our lives to keep us from that goal.  Often, these things can be very good or noble things, but they keep us from achieving the calling that God gave us.  We will have to wait until we have obeyed to hear from God.  I am excited to see and hear what God does now that I am beginning this stage.

I say all of that to say that God knows when we get in over our heads (or at least think we do).  He visibly showed Himself to me and confirmed my direction through the tangible love of four friends and my father as they poured themselves into helping me get settled here.  I am honored, humbled and grateful.  I do not deserve love like that,but then again, who among us does?  God loves to give it anyway.  That's the great God that we serve.

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