Monday, July 2, 2012

For A Season

I had an epiphanal moment yesterday as I was driving.  Sort of God reminding me (once again) that what He says is ALWAYS true.  And me, being the slow one that I am, once again I agreed that yes, He is right.

You see, there is a pecan orchard that I have driven through many times over the past few years.  It is right outside of Monticello, GA and it is a beautiful place, with all the trees lined up in rows and the canopy covering the road as you pass through.  It is a part of my journey that I always look forward to when driving Highway 11.

Late last year, I was coming through this area and I was having a bad day.  I was incredibly frustrated about my place in life, recent events and even what, if anything the future held for me.  As I passed through the orchard, the trees were completely barren, the sky was overcast and generally, both of us were feeling gloomy.  I thought to myself, "This is how I feel....completely barren, empty and downcast."

Then, a thought came to mind, and I am convinced it was from the Spirit of God. The thought said "For a season."  I was almost bowled over as God reminded me that,no matter how defeated I may feel or how hopeless things may even look, they are never more than just a season.  There will be a spring, both in nature and in my spirit.  No pain is permanent.  God did not design us to live that way and more importantly, He loves us too much to leave us like that.

So yesterday, I came through the pecan orchard on my way to Macon and it looked like the picture above. The pecan trees were in full bloom. The sun was shining and I am convinced that I even heard a someone singing "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah".  God said "See, I was right".  I am standing on the cusp of some exciting things in my life.  For the first time in a while, I am excited about seeing what God has in store.  I don't know what they all are yet, but I am excited and hopeful.

Here is what I want to say to you if you are in a place that seems darker than you can handle.  IT WILL NOT LAST.  For some reason, probably sin, we humans have a tendency to think that any particular place that we find ourselves is just how things will always be.  That is not true.  The enemy loves to keep us paralyzed and ineffective with those thoughts.  Here is the truth: You are not alone and things will change.  No pain is ever permanent and there will be hope again. Maybe that's all you can hold on to today.  It's enough.  Trust me.  Your season will come.


ReneeS said...

Maybe it was Beth Moore 20 years ago, maybe it was a preacher almost 30 years ago, but somebody back there said that there are sweet words in the Bible - "And, it came to pass...." That's all - It came to pass. It didn't come to stay!

Scott said...

Thanks Renee. That is a good thought. I heard Clark Howard (the finance guy) say something to that effect about how we think that how things are is how they will always be. That's a human tendency and goes against the concept of faith. We (and especially me) tend to think there is no end to hurt, but that's not how it works.